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I motivate individuals to transform their lives by listening to their intuition & mind, body and spirit connection.

I wasn’t always a spiritual teacher.

In fact, for decades I led a life completely unaware of my connection to Spirit. 

I spent a ten years in law enforcement working as a probation officer where I gained valuable life lessons while earning my Master’s Degree. Then, after the birth of my second son and with divine guidance, I released my career in favor of  spending time home raising my family while my husband grew the family business. Although I found volunteer opportunities in my community, I soon discovered my biggest role as an advocate for our child. Mental health awareness, learning disabilities and therapies soon filled my days. The concept of self love and self care was foreign to me at that time and I found myself in a downward spiral of separateness. I felt trapped and alone and relied on antidepressants and external validation from others. 

Soon the buried emotions began to manifest as illness and disease in my physical body. My immune system became weak and my body frail. Numerous illnesses surfaced seeking my attention until ultimately a non-healing foot fracture laid me up for over sixteen months. It was during this desperate time, that my mother became unwell and transitioned to Spirit before my eyes. And looking back now, I realize something changed in me with her death. Unfortunately, I wasn’t yet ready to invite in the light. 

My symptoms worsened over time, debilitating me. The fracture caused immobility, my hearing ceased and eyes were severely compromised and extremely sensitive to light. My life force energy was so compromised I was unable to think or care for myself. I put all of my energy into finding help within the medical community and was left broken, hopeless and in despair. I was literally forced to go within.  Finally, after over a year of struggle and prayers to end the suffering, a Lyme disease diagnosis and an introduction to holistic healing and a naturopathic physician changed my life. 

And so the journey began. Piece by piece I reclaimed my power with Divine guidance and have dedicated my life to personal growth and empowerment by using healing energy and intuitive awareness. I’m honored and humbled to guide you as you travel your personal path and will reflect unconditional love and acceptance back to you.


My Bio …

Brandi Strieter M. Ed. has walked an eventful journey through hopelessness and despair from several years of struggling with painful and debilitating symptoms of an eventual chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis.  

That journey has led her into surrendering and her ultimate freedom. Brandi has since vowed to never let another soul suffer the same fate and she has made it her purpose to shine light for those in the darkness. She now guides those who have awakened to their own light, by utilizing her knowledge and wisdom of many diverse spiritual teachers and developed ideologies as well as accessing the help of intuitive guidance, energy healing and the mind, body, spirit connection, so that she can support those seeking true spiritual alignment. 

Brandi Strieter M. Ed. is an Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practioner. She has mentored under Transformational Thought Leader Sunny Dawn Johnston since 2016 and is proud to be Community Ambassador to ELEV8, Sunny Dawn Johnston’s international membership community, which is dedicated to personal growth and empowerment. She also serves as Sunny’s Personal Photographer, Social Media Specialist and Consultant for the newly released Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards.  

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