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Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

"Brandi is a bright light in an ever-changing world. Her gentle yet firm knowing reminds you of your own truth and her acceptance and love hold the space for you to discover that wisdom within yourself. Brandi often unknowingly supports others, often without saying a word. With her kind eyes and her loving smile, she brings a sense of safety and groundedness to a circle of people. The teacher and healer within her have emerged from the ashes of her own trials and challenges. The gifts of which, are blessings to each and every person that crosses her path. If you have connected with Brandi, you have found a safe space to be you."
Glendale, AZ
"It was the laugh that caught my attention- Brandi has been through her own trials and tribulations in life but that laugh broke through the pain and I knew she was a healer from deep inside herself and could support others in their own healing. The times I have called on Brandi for healing sessions have helped me release the pain and find the peace inside myself during some very intense periods of my life. She is a modern day shaman and I highly recommend her services and her teachings."
Fargo, ND
"It all started from one question.
What changed?
There have been defining moments here and there for sure.
The truth is it changed the moment this woman appeared in my life.
Everyday I watched this woman with absolutely no agenda, or motive other than be the best version of herself, to show up as many people as she can.
Everyday, I witnessed her show up, committed. I would see her commitment and say “shit! Tara get your ass in gear” Everyday I have witnessed this woman give of herself without any expectations. I have witnessed her day by day strip the layers back, while being vulnerable about it. It takes so much courage and strength to allow people to know “you”.
Every. Day. She. Shows. Up. For. Herself!! Every freaking day!!!
That takes commitment, courage and strength.
So when I look around to see what my change in me is, it all started with you, Brandi Porter Strieter
While you were working on your commitment to yourself, you have inspired me and a whole tribe of people.
You have inspired me to show up for myself. You have inspired me to be committed. You have have inspired me to be “me”.
I am honored that I can call you “friend”.
And friends like “you” only come along once a lifetime.
You are my inspirational gift the Universe has given to me. And I know to so many others. I see it every day.
And thank you for always getting me, especially when I struggled for so long that no one would. And allowing me to feel safe being me.
You are a game changer for this World. And it needs you! You truly embody a Badass Warrior Goddess!!!"
Tara Jack
Phoenix, AZ
"Working with Brandi has made a lasting impact on my life. Brandi is the real deal, a genuine person. She is intuitive and connected to Spirit. She shares her life experiences in a way that is relatable and inspiring. The many blessings I have received as a result of working with Brandi are incredible. Brandi is phenomenal!"
Shelly Orr
Yukon, OK
"Brandi shares her heartfelt and intuitive wisdom to guide and inspire me in the most reassuring ways. Her ease of connection and love of others is evident from the moment you engage."
Judy James
Vienna, MO
"Brandi is a very talented, intuitive, and connected healer. She has, on many occasions helped me bring an awareness to situations that felt very unclear to me. One of Brandi’s greatest gifts to me is her ability to express in words what I am feeling and I have no words for. Brandi has also been through many life situations that parallel my own. When I am stuck in a negative thought pattern she can understand and relate to me. Because of that experience she intuitively knows which tools to share with me to help me shift out of the pattern. Brandi has really been one of my greatest teachers in my personal and professional expansion over the last few years. Most importantly Brandi is real, authentic, and has a genuine and sincere desire to support others in their healing journey. "
Grace Redmond
San Mateo, CA
"Brandi is an intuitive, wise, connected soul who knows how to help you navigate some of the most challenging life experiences with grace. She has supported me in many ways to rise above the illusions life circumstances can keep us trapped in, she clearly sees them and provides profound insight to help shift the dynamic and retrieve personal power. Brandi also knows how to reflect in the most beautiful and neutral manner, I always feel "held" by her awareness and the way she expresses the opportunity tucked within the challenge. She is one of the most powerful teachers and healers of the modern day."
Melissa Kim Corter
Flagstaff, AZ
"Brandi is a gifted energy medicine practitioner with a unique ability to see and feel where energy is stuck or blocked. Her sense of humor brings joy into difficult subjects. She will say things matter-of-fact when needed, and meets you with empathy and compassion. I’ve worked with and trained many energy medicine practitioners over the years, and I am blown away by Brandi’s accuracy and subtle connection. She is a gem with a heart for humanity."
Kate Shipp
Phoenix, AZ
"Brandi guides with a beautiful combination of honesty, light, humor and insight. I trust her whole heartedly, as a kind soul who is driven by love and leading from experience with sincere intention for your highest good. She is an inspiration to me and someone whose input I value dearly."
Laura Passmore
Phoenix, AZ
"I had met Brandi on multiple occasions and there was something about her Spirit that guided me to continue to have deep conversations with her. Every conversation led to further introspection and digging deeper within my soul to find out my true purpose and my true north. And each conversation would lead to yet another conversation where I continued to grow deeper and deeper to find my Spirit inside. Without Brandi’s looking guidance and words of wisdom I’m not sure I would be the wife and mother that I am today. She has changed my life one small awareness at a time and while small awarenesses sound like a small word - they have been huge strides in becoming who I am ultimately set to be. "
Emilie McArthur-Hatch
Gull Lake, MI

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